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Manhattan Shades is a reputable company specializing in blinds and shutters, providing a wide range of window covering solutions to our valued customers. We firmly believe that window coverings should go beyond mere functionality; they should also elevate the style and aesthetics of your home. With our premium-quality blinds, shades, and shutters, you can redesign your home just the way you want. Whether you desire sun shades, cellular shades, woven wood shades, plantation shutters, vertical blinds, blackout blinds, aluminum blinds, or any other type of window coverings, our skilled technicians are here to assist you every step of the way.
manhattan shades

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Manhattan Shades

Enhance Comfort & Style with
Our Somfy Motors & Hardware in NYC

Smart control

Stylish versatility

Expert installation

Whisper-quiet operation

Energy efficiency

Manhattan Shades

What Are Somfy Motors & Hardware?

Somfy Motors are electric motors designed to automate various devices, such as window coverings (blinds, shades, curtains), tops, shutters, and screens. It allows you to conveniently adjust your living spaces’ light, privacy, and temperature. Somfy Motors is known for its reliability and quiet operation. They can be controlled through smartphones, tablets, or voice commands.

Somfy offers a range of compatible hardware, such as motorized tracks, brackets, and control units. They are essential for the operation of motorized systems.

Manhattan Shades

Choose The Best From Our Array Of
Somfy Motors & Hardware in NYC

Roller Shade Motors

It allows for smooth and precise control of the shades' movement. These motors are available in different sizes and power options. It can accommodate various shade dimensions and weight requirements.

Roman Shade Motors

It ensures gentle and precise lifting and lowering of the shades. These motors offer quiet operation and can be integrated into home automation systems.

Drapery Track Motors

We have motorized solutions for drapery tracks. Our drapery track motors can automatically open and close curtains and drapes. They are installed discreetly within the track system.

Awning Motors

These are designed to extend and retract awnings, providing shade and protection from the sun. Their primary purpose is to withstand outdoor conditions. It can be integrated with sun and wind sensors for automatic adjustment based on weather conditions.

Shutter Motors

These motors allow smooth and precise control of shutter movement. They can be programmed to simulate occupancy and provide an additional layer of security.

Control Options

Along with motors, we offer various control options, including handheld remotes, wall switches, and wireless keypads. We can integrate with smartphones, tablets, or voice commands.

Accessories & Hardware

We offer various hardware & accessories to complete your motorized solutions. This includes brackets, connectors, adapters, and extension cables.

Each type of Somfy motor and hardware has its features and characteristics. Therefore it is advisable to consult our professionals before proceeding.

Manhattan Shades

Experience Convenient Control With Our Somfy Motors in NYC

Welcome to Manhattan Shades’s Somfy Motors & Hardware in NYC. We bring you a world of automation for your window. We provide quality Somfy Motors and an extensive selection of hardware for your convenience and comfort. Our technicians deliver expert installation and ensure perfection. With our Somfy Motors & Hardware in NYC, you can experience innovation, aesthetics, and efficiency. Call us now to help you revolutionize your space in NYC.

Manhattan Shades

Why Choose Us

Quality Products

Manhattan Shades offers high-quality Somfy Motors & Hardware. Our products are known for their reliability and durability.

Professional Installation

Our technicians are trained in the proper installation of Somfy Motors & Hardware. We ensure that every component is installed correctly and performs optimally.

Customer Satisfaction

We aim for 100% customer satisfaction. From start to finish, we deliver excellent service and ensure you are satisfied with the results.

Competitive Pricing

We aim for competitive pricing for our Somfy Motors & Hardware services in NYC. We work hard to provide cost-effective solutions while maintaining quality.

Roman Blind Installation Services in NYC

Benefits Of Somfy Motors & Hardware

Easy adjustment windows via motorized systems.

It can personalize automated systems to suit your preferences.

You can help yourself with advanced safety features and simulated occupancy with Somfy Motors & Hardware.

With Somfy Motors, you can optimize energy usage and save on utility bills.

Experience whisper-quiet operation and long-lasting performance with Somfy Motors.

You can control your motorized systems remotely via smartphones or voice assistants.

You can choose from elegant finishes to enhance your NYC space with Somfy Motors & Hardware.

Manhattan Shades

Unlock the Potential of Smart Home
Automation With Our Somfy Motors & Hardware

Do you want to automate your space in NYC? Call our experts to upgrade your window treatments, awnings, shutters, and more. Contact us now!

Are Somfy Motors compatible with different types of window coverings?

Somfy Motors can be integrated with various window coverings, including blinds, shades, curtains, and drapes.

Can I control Somfy Motors remotely?

Somfy Motors can be controlled remotely using handheld remotes, wall switches, smartphone apps, and home automation systems.

Are Somfy Motors noisy?

Somfy Motors is known for its quiet operation, ensuring a peaceful environment without disruptive noise.

Can Somfy Motors be integrated with smart home systems?

Somfy Motors are compatible with popular smart home platforms, allowing you to control them through voice commands or smartphone apps.

Are Somfy Motors energy-efficient?

Somfy Motors help optimize energy efficiency by allowing you to adjust natural light and heat levels, reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling.

What is the warranty coverage for Somfy Motors & Hardware?

We offer warranty coverage on their motors and hardware. The specific warranty terms may vary.

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