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Manhattan Shades is a reputable company specializing in blinds and shutters, providing a wide range of window covering solutions to our valued customers. We firmly believe that window coverings should go beyond mere functionality; they should also elevate the style and aesthetics of your home. With our premium-quality blinds, shades, and shutters, you can redesign your home just the way you want. Whether you desire sun shades, cellular shades, woven wood shades, plantation shutters, vertical blinds, blackout blinds, aluminum blinds, or any other type of window coverings, our skilled technicians are here to assist you every step of the way.
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Manhattan Shades

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Manhattan Shades

What Are Roller Blinds?

Roller blinds are highly durable & practical. The fabric material is heat-treated to seal the weaves together. Most roller blinds have fabric types that are chemically treated, which makes them fade-proof. The chemical treatment ensures that the fabric doesn’t fray when rolled up. It makes these fabrics an ideal choice to be rolled around a tube or cylinder. The seams and hems remain ultra smooth, whereas the tube fitted horizontally runs along the window’s width. A sidewinder chain mechanism turns the cylinder installed with a retaining bracket, allowing you to roll or unroll the laminated fabric easily

Manhattan Shades

The Benefits of Installing Roller Blinds in NYC

Light Control

Roller blinds provide excellent control over natural light. You can easily adjust the blinds per your preference to control the amount of light entering. Now create a bright and airy ambiance or block out the excess sunlight, depending on your requirements.


Roller blinds offer enhanced privacy, especially compared to sheer curtains or blinds. You can shield your indoor spaces from prying eyes with a simple pull or adjustment. Now relax in your home within the comforts of your private space without anyone snooping into your place.

Versatility in Design

Roller blinds are available in various designs, colors, patterns, and fabrics, making it easy to find options that complement your interior decor. Whether you prefer a minimalistic look or bold and vibrant patterns, there's a roller blind design to suit your style.

Space Efficiency

Roller blinds are an excellent choice for rooms with limited space. Their streamlined design and compact installation make them an efficient solution, as they take up minimal space when fully raised or rolled up.

Easy Operation

Roller blinds are designed for smooth and effortless operation. They typically come with a cord or chain mechanism to raise, lower, or adjust the blinds to your desired height. Alternatively, motorized roller blinds offer even more convenience, allowing you to control them with a button or through smart home automation.

Durability and Low Maintenance

Roller blinds are built to withstand regular use and are made from durable materials such as polyester or PVC. These blind types require very less maintenance and can easily be cleaned using occasional dusting or wiping off with a cloth.

Energy Efficiency

Roller blinds can contribute to energy efficiency by reducing heat gain during hot weather or preventing heat loss during colder months. The right choice of fabric and installation can help regulate the temperature in your space, potentially reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling.


Roller blinds are often a cost-effective window covering option, especially when compared to curtains or custom-made treatments. They offer a great balance between style, functionality, and price.

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What Are the Different Ways to Hang Roller Blinds?

Standard Roll

The standard or regular roll utilizes material that typically retracts and remains near the window. By being near the glass, effectively blocks a significant amount of light and ensures optimal privacy. Additionally, this close positioning enables the window treatment to provide maximum insulation against cold and heat.

Reverse Roll

The reverse roll configuration involves the fabric extending over the front of the roll, concealing it from view. In the case of blackout roller blinds that feature distinct colors or patterns on each side, the reverse roll ensures that the light-blocking side remains facing outward. This allows the side with colors or patterns to face the room's interior.

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Single Roller Blinds vs Double Roller Blinds

Single roller blinds contain one layer of fabric, whereas double roller blinds use independent layers, often making them versatile. You can raise one layer in most double roller blinds and keep the other closed. Both blinds offer varying degrees of light control and privacy based on the type of fabric chosen. With double roller blinds, you get additional light control and privacy features. You can easily adjust the position of the sheer and block-out layers according to your preference and can quickly achieve different levels of privacy and light control. While single roller blinds offer a level of insulation, double roller blinds offer great resistance to heat flow. It makes them an ideal choice to prevent heat loss during colder seasons and offer improved energy efficiency during harsh summer days. 

Roller Blind Installation Services in NYC

Why Choose Manhattan Shades for Roller Blinds Installation in NYC?

Manhattan Shades is a reliable company for blinds, shades, and window treatment solutions. We offer top-of-the-line blinds & shades for your residential & commercial premises. We have been in the business of blind installation for many years, and our experienced staff is trained to help you with a variety of window treatment solutions. Whether you want one to block out the sun’s harsh rays or window treatment to prevent heat loss, our professional teams are second to none. 

Need a window treatment in NYC? Call Manhattan Shades for the best blind & shade options. 

Do roller blinds keep the heat contained?

Yes! Roller blinds are designed to fit tightly into or against your window, which blocks the sunlight and cold drafts from entering or escaping through your windows. Although it depends on how perfectly your window is sealed off, many other factors contribute to retaining the heat within the room. We have manufactured roller blinds for decades which can prevent heat loss for good. 

How do I clean my roller blinds?

Every roller blind we install is easy to clean and can be kept well-maintained. To keep your blinds looking fresh in appearance, refer to our handy guide on cleaning blinds & shades, which you can easily get from our roller blind installation service in NYC when they visit you. 

Are roller blinds safe to keep around children?

Yes, all our blinds are safe for children and follow The European Standard for internal blinds. We are always ready to provide you with awareness of the risks of loose blind cords and how they can be unsafe for your child. We are always available to provide you with complete information & advice on how to keep the roller blinds in perfect condition. Need information? Feel free to contact our roller blind company in NYC at any time. 

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