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Manhattan Shades is a reputable company specializing in blinds and shutters, providing a wide range of window covering solutions to our valued customers. We firmly believe that window coverings should go beyond mere functionality; they should also elevate the style and aesthetics of your home. With our premium-quality blinds, shades, and shutters, you can redesign your home just the way you want. Whether you desire sun shades, cellular shades, woven wood shades, plantation shutters, vertical blinds, blackout blinds, aluminum blinds, or any other type of window coverings, our skilled technicians are here to assist you every step of the way.
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Manhattan Shades

Automate Blinds with our
Customized Motorized Blind Solutions

Sleek and durable

User friendly

Contemporary look

Wireless installation


Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Manhattan Shades

Motorized Blind Installation Contractors

What are Motorized Electric Blinds & How Do They Work?

Electric window blinds, also known as motorized window treatments, are a specific blind type powered by an electric motor. They are normally controlled using a remote or a smartphone app. The remote or app allows users to operate the motorized blind solution easily. Users can easily tilt, raise or drop the blind as required. These blinds are a great addition to homes where safety is of concern. So if you want to invest in a safer choice, motorized blinds are the perfect option.

How Motorized Blinds Are Powered?

Motorized blinds and shades require a lithium battery pack. Some have a rechargeable motor to connect to an outlet using a USB cord. The battery life of a single charge of a motor can easily last for many months. Approximately a single charge can give you around 6 months & in some brands, up to a year which is the same as a battery pack. However, the exact lifespan cannot be accurately calculated as it depends on how large your shade or blind is.

Manhattan Shades

Motorized Blind Installation Company in NYC

Why Choose Manhattan Shades for Motorized Blinds?

Manhattan Shades is a professionally reliable window treatment company operating in the heart of NYC. We have helped countless homes with various window treatment options to suit their style & preferences. Our talented team has enough experience to perform any blind installation service in NYC. Whether you’re looking for a motorized blind solution, plantation shutters, roller blinds, vertical blinds, aluminum blinds, Venetian blinds, or any other customized options, we have all the window treatment options available. Need blind installation done by certified specialists?

Manhattan Shades

The Installation Process

Measuring Your Windows

Contact our customer support & we will send a technician to your place. Let us take the correct measurements of your windows.
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Step # 1

Select Your Window Blind

We have a catalog of blind options for you. Select the one that suits your unique style & preference.
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Step # 2

Let Our Teams Install Them

Choose a day or time of your liking & our experts will come to your premises to install the motorized blind on your property.
Step # 3

Manhattan Shades

What are the Benefits of Installing Motorized Blinds in NYC Homes?

Connect to Smart Devices

Motorized blinds can easily be paired with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant so users can use them through voice commands. All you must do is ask Alexa to lower the living room blinds. Now sit back, relax, and watch how Alexa raises and lowers your blind at a single voice command.

Best for Hard-to-Reach Windows

If you have large windows requiring motorization to handle all the heavy lifting, motorized blinds in NYC are the perfect option. Their sleek design is what makes them an ideal choice as a window treatment option. You can power the motorization feature with just a touch or a tap.

Accessible for Elderly People

Motorized blinds are ideal for elderly & disabled family members. You can easily adjust the window treatment using a remote control, a smartphone app, or simply with a voice command. It’s a user-friendly solution that is easily adjustable depending on how you want it.

Blinds are Energy Efficient

Blocking blinds daily keeps your home energy well-conserved. You can schedule them to lower or raise them at specific times of the day, which makes motorized blinds in NYC an energy-efficient option for many NYC homes.

Safe for Pets & Children

Since motorized blinds are powered by remote control, they do not require an extra cord, chain, or tilt wands. It makes them the safest option for pets and small children. Often cords can wind up around the necks of pets and children & choke them. Our motorized blinds in NYC keep your children & pets safe from such incidents.

Manhattan Shades

What Factors Impact Motorized Blinds Cost?

There are a lot of factors involved when it comes to motorized blinds and shade costing. Get a free consultation from Manhattan Shades, where we consider multiple cost factors for motorized blinds.

Number of Windows

Depending on the number of windows where you want the motorized blinds to be installed, our team will provide you with a lump sum package that is easy and affordable.

Easily Rechargeable

Whether you want the motorized blinds to be powered by battery or you want them to recharge with a plug-in, this factor can also impact the cost of the motorized blinds.

Branded Motors

Depending on the type of brand you select for your motorized blind in NYC makes a difference in your pricing. Some brands are expensive, while others are not.

Remote Powered

Our motorized blinds in NYC are powered by remote controls. Specific designs have upgradable options, increasing the upfront cost of the blinds.

Manhattan Shades

Need Motorized Blinds in NYC? Schedule a Free Consultation Today

Looking for a reliable and trustworthy blind installation company in NYC to install motorized blinds at your property? Look no further than NYC Shades. We are your one-stop shop solution for all window treatments. Our team of exceptionally talented individuals can easily install any blind type at your property at a reasonable cost. Whether you’re looking for a motorized or a traditional cordless/cord option for blinds, we can install them all for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are motorized blinds reliable?
Yes, motorized blinds are just as reliable as a standard window treatment. However, it’s essential to remember that battery-powered blinds require periodic charging. They may lose their recharging capability sooner if you don’t charge them on time or overcharge. On average, a standard window treatment lasts approximately 3-10 years. However, it depends on how frequently you use your motor blinds which can impact their longevity. At Manhattan Shades, we tell our clients that a blind life span can easily go up to 3-5 years or even more, depending on the blind type.
Are motorized blinds loud & noisy?
In our experience, motors have a specific decibel range, which can vary depending on the brand, product type, and size of the window blinds you install. Since motorized blinds are manufactured depending on the size of the projects and are commonly installed in properties with large numbers of windows, the motors on these blinds usually make a soft humming or whirring noise.
Are motorized blinds difficult to install?
Experts at Manhattan Shades have years of experience and professional training in installing various window treatment options. Our professionals can handle blinds, shades, shutters, or anything else without experiencing any trouble. Like regular window treatments, our experienced staff easily installs motorized blinds without hiccups. Sometimes, blinds are wide, requiring an extra helping hand. Otherwise, installing a motorized blind in NYC is an easy job.
Are motorized blinds worth it?
Since motorized blinds offer long-lasting durability and can easily be operated, they offer convenience. It makes them an ideal choice for homes powered by smart home automation. The motors installed on these blinds can easily operate without experiencing any glitches for many years. All you require is to maintain its upkeep by introducing proper maintenance. Besides, all the motors installed on these blinds have a complete warranty. These blinds create a soft humming sound which makes them an ideal choice.
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