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Manhattan Shades is a reputable company specializing in blinds and shutters, providing a wide range of window covering solutions to our valued customers. We firmly believe that window coverings should go beyond mere functionality; they should also elevate the style and aesthetics of your home. With our premium-quality blinds, shades, and shutters, you can redesign your home just the way you want. Whether you desire sun shades, cellular shades, woven wood shades, plantation shutters, vertical blinds, blackout blinds, aluminum blinds, or any other type of window coverings, our skilled technicians are here to assist you every step of the way.
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Manhattan Shades

Enhance Your NYC Home
with Stylish Faux Window Blinds

Moisture Resistant


Durable & Affordable

Easy to Clean & Maintain

Made from High-Quality PVC

Manhattan Shades

Faux Wood Blind Installation in NYC

What Are Faux Wood Blinds?

Commonly known as imitation wood blinds, faux wood blinds are artificial blinds. They derive their “faux” name from the “natural things.” As far as its manufacturing is concerned, they are made of composite wood, PVC/vinyl material, or both. Faux wood blinds have slats with a wood core coated with high-tech polymer. In most cases, the slats are made entirely of vinyl/PVC material. The reason why such material is used in the making of faux wood blinds is because it’s highly durable. It does not succumb to warp, cracks, or fading effects, which makes them a perfect choice for places containing high humidity. One may easily find these blinds in bathroom and kitchen spaces. Do you have a house full of kids and are concerned about the blind’s wear and tear during playtime? Get faux wood blinds for your home. It’s economical, inexpensive, and natural looking.

Manhattan Shades

Faux Wood Blind Installation in NYC

What are the Benefits of Installing Faux Wood Blinds in NYC Homes?

Cheaper Than Original Wood

Faux wood blinds offer the same aesthetics as real wood, only at a much more reasonable price than real wood. They usually cost less than their wood counterparts, making them an ideal choice for decorating doors and windows. It may not weigh much as an investment.

Resistant to Moisture

Faux wood blinds are a decent alternative to real wood blinds because of the nature of their construction, and they do not absorb any moisture. They withstand high humidity and are ideal for bathroom windows and laundry room areas.

Easy to Clean & Maintain

Wood blinds are difficult to clean over time, but faux wood blinds are relatively easier. You can wipe the dirt off these blinds using a cloth whenever they get dirty. To make these blinds good as new, a quick rinse is more than enough for a fresh look.

Highly Durable

Faux wood blinds are incredibly durable and usually last longer than expected. Unlike natural wood, they are free from the dangers of getting faded due to exposure to harsh UV rays. It makes them an ideal option for homes & business locations alike.

Manhattan Shades

Why Choose Manhattan Shades for Faux Wood Blinds?

Manhattan Shades is a window treatment company installing blinds, shutters, curtains, draperies, and other window treatment solutions for homes and businesses alike. We have been in the business for decades and have helped countless NYC dwellers give window blind solutions to suit their specific style & preferences. Our industry-related experts never want customers to settle for anything less. When it comes to blind installations such as faux wood blinds, we have the right contacts to source the perfect faux wood material for window blinds. Let our experts look at your property and provide the best specifications. Elevate your space today! Let us install the best faux wood blinds in NYC for you.

Manhattan Shades

How Our Team at Manhattan Shades
Proceed with the Installation Process?

Measuring Your Windows

Call our team & we will come to your location. Let us take the correct measurements of your windows.
Direction Arrows
Step # 1

Select Your Window Blind

: Choose from a variety of options available. Let us provide you with the perfect solution.
Direction Arrows
Step # 2

Let Our Teams Install Them

Our blind installation experts in NYC will install blinds perfectly.
Step # 3

Manhattan Shades

What Makes Us Different?


As an expert in blind installation in NYC, we have developed a deep understanding of the needs and wants of our customers. Gain absolute peace of mind when you hire our blind installation service in NYC for your window treatments.


Every blind we install at your premises is done with precision. It brings us great joy, and we feel confident regarding window treatment. Let us provide you with blinds that are of the highest quality and installed with complete precision.


Our team keeps all communication channels open so you can have comfort & peace of mind. When you work with us, we ensure to deliver you blind installation services that exceed expectations just because our team has the capability.


We understand how our customers can often experience budget constraints. Therefore, our team offers competitive prices, so even if you're on a limited budget, we have a window treatment solution for just about everyone in NYC.

Manhattan Shades

Faux Wood Blind Installation in NYC

Need Faux Wood Blinds in NYC? Schedule a Free Consultation Today

Transform your space with the timeless elegance of Faux Wood Blinds. Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality for your NYC home. Schedule your complimentary consultation now and experience the beauty of custom-made window treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do faux window blinds last?

Many ready-made faux window blinds can easily last anywhere between 4 to 5 years. They can even last up to 7 to 8 years if kept with care. Some have even claimed that their faux window blinds lasted over a decade.

How do you maintain faux window blinds?
For easy maintenance, you can clean faux window blinds by immersing them in water and thoroughly soaking it. You can use a soapy mixture to remove any dirt or debris that has become a stubborn part of the blind’s surface. Most faux window blinds which we install are fully waterproof and come with their advantages. If you see any stains or marks, just wash them off using a cleaning material.
Are faux window blinds heavy?
Yes, faux window blinds are technically heavier compared to original wood blinds. They can weigh at least 20% more compared to your usual wood blinds. People normally assume that faux wood blinds are lighter since they are made up of rigid PVC material, but they are quite dense and the material is relatively thick, making them a heavy option.
Are faux window blinds hard to install?
Not exactly. Horizontal faux wood blinds are relatively easier to install. Our experts at Manhattan Shades have years of experience installing faux wood blinds in different locations. Feel relaxed and easy when you call our professionals for faux window blind installation, as we will deliver maximum results.
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