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Tips for Hanging Curtains

Posted on  |  2015-03-20

Hanging curtains can definitely be considered an art depending on how long they are, where they are being installed and how many layers you are contending with.

Measuring is the first step of course, as you need to get rods that fit your window space. Then you have to consider how much material is required to cover the glass and beyond. The height, width and length of the curtains needs to be measured and double-checked before you order any curtains.

As you hang them, you will need to continue measuring make sure everything matches, and is level. This is where you need to check the rod height and width on each side of the window. Otherwise, you could end up with drooping curtains on one end and raised curtains on the other. Usually, the perfect length is just above the floor, where they barely touch.

Whatever accessories you want to use, whether a holdback sash or ornamental ring, think of how they will pull the material up. It should still maintain the same length as the rest of the curtain, even though that portion is accessorized. You might experiment before the tieback is installed so you can see what position works best.

If you plan ahead, then hanging curtains will create a beautiful addition to any room. However, measuring and careful installation are the only ways to accomplish this. Keep in mind there are online resources to assist you as well, and they are free to access, and make sure you begin by reading through the directions that come with the curtains.

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