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the Benefit of Motorized Shades

Posted on  |  2011-12-28

There is really nothing more frustrating than trying to open window shades and finding that they are stuck or not functioning properly. This is when you can easily see the benefit of motorized shades.  Of course, this version costs quite a bit more than their non-motorized counterparts.  However, they really have so many advantages that most people are willing to overlook the additional costs.   Perhaps the biggest of all of these advantages is for parents of babies and toddlers.  This is because the blind cords can become deadly when an infant or toddler decides to play with them because it can become tangled around their neck.  This can happen in an instant when any child becomes curious and it is not something that only happens to negligent parents, it can happen to anyone.  In addition, the motorized versions raise and lower more slowly and there is less of a chance of them falling on a child and injuring them. Another one of the benefit of motorized shades is the fact that they are simple. They don’t become as worn down as non-motorized versions because they are not being pulled on often. There are no cords to fight with. And since they don’t encounter the wear and tear as non-motorized versions, they do not need to be replaced often. Lastly, the motorized blinds and shades have a much higher quality than the standard versions.  These look the same but tend to have less pressure put on them which means that they last longer.  So you will find that these last for many years rather than just a one or two. So it is easy to see why you will end up with this option after considering the benefit of motorized shades.  There are a variety of types available that you can look, which means that it is going to be easy to find something that fits into your home. Call mus anytime to ask about motorized shades and curtains  in new york city.

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