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the Benefit of Energy Efficient Shades

Posted on  |  2011-12-28

A rising problem for many families these days, due to the harsh economy, is how they are going to pay their bills and still have some money left over.  The price of energy is always rising and making it difficult for families to be able to heat or cool their home properly, which are usually the most expensive energy costs that are related to the home.  So you can easily see how the benefit of energy efficient shades is something that you should know more about. While there are many ways that you can easily reduce your energy costs, one of the most affordable and best options is that of energy efficient shades.  This is because these special window treatments add additional insulation to the home.  The common name for these is cellular shades, but you might also see them called cell or honeycomb shades.  There are three different levels of these which include those that are single cell, double cell or triple cell. If these are not something that you can afford, there are some additional options that can help with energy costs as well.  Even the most basic window blinds and roman shades can come in insulated versions and the regular versions still offer some insulation.  When you are ordering custom treatments you can always request to have this option added and in most cases your request will be granted. Using solar shades during the winter can also help with heating costs as they will help to draw in the heat from the sun.  Likewise shades that reflect the sun are a great choice for the summertime to keep heat reflected away from the house.  So the benefit of energy efficient shades is that you will be able to save a significant amount of money when you are trying to reduce the energy costs in maintaining your home.

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