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residential services

Residential services for our window treatments have much more to offer than has been in the past.  With the help of our residential services you will be able to find designs that fit your home and needs.  From families with small children to the adult parent who can no longer do for themselves. Our available services will be able to accommodate any problem or desire to offer you the perfect fit. With residential window treatments available for everyone, we have designed residential services to make what was once a difficult task to a pleasant one.  Offering starter guides that help with where to begin in the decision making process for the right window treatments.    All of our available products are showcased for the customer.  This gives our customers a much better view and feel of our products. Our designers are there to show you the latest trends in high window fashion.  Workbooks are made available for residential customers to organize ideas and make plans for their new window treatments. Customer support for residential services is vital to us as we want to learn about each customer, and for our customers to know that we understand their needs and can make known our commitment to them.

Custom made blinds and shades

custom made blinds and shades

When a customer considers custom made blinds and shades, they tend to shy away for fear of pricing themselves over budget.  We want to dissolve the fear of custom made blinds and shades for those with that desire. There are various types, in both shapes and materials. There are wood blinds that have modern and traditional styles. We also have faux wood that is wallet friendly.   In development are more exclusive wood blinds that host the beauty of different wood finishes from throughout the world.   A traditional vertical system is most often used to adorn windows and doors.  The newest in this area are the XL. These blinds are made into panels and can be fitted to windows or doors; however these panels glide easily along a track system which makes use very simple. In our shade options, there are roller and solar shades that are slick and minimal. These can be purchased in eco-friendly materials, be made to filter light or completely black it out.  They can absorb heat and block UV rays, but still preserve a beautiful view.  Roman shades are made to be graceful in design and can be further customized to accommodate for optimal energy and privacy as well.   Custom made blinds and shades in new york can add the custom feel, but don’t have to come at the fearful price.

Residential Offers

residential offers

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Professional Measuring And Installation

professional measuring and installation

When a customer puts a great deal of time and effort into choosing a new window treatment, we want that product to look its best and compliment the customer’s home.  Many people in general will try to save money by measuring and installing their own treatments.  This task at first glance seems simple, without training, professional measuring and installation are more than just difficult to achieve. Our professionals have been trained within regards to our products.  Any numbers of window treatments have different fabrics that it can be made with; being familiar with how each fabric must be cared for during installation ensures that it will not be compromised.  Certain window shapes that cause difficulty to do professional measuring and installation have different needs.    Our installers are versed in any problems or tips with these window shapes and how to work with them to gain a professional outcome. We want our customers to feel comfortable with every step in their journey in purchasing any of our products. Questions are encouraged; we want to share our knowledge of this industry. One of those ways we show a partnership with a client is offering professional measuring and installation, especially as this is part of the last step to have that finished look that a client was seeking from the beginning.

specialty in hard to fit windows

specialty in hard to fit windows

Bay windows, solariums, window arches, RV spaces; these are all examples of specialty in hard to fit windows.  A difficult fit can encompass an area that is wall to wall windows, or extra long in length. Cellular shade or blinds offer these hard to fit windows with a vast amount of choice from our store.  Specialty in hard to fit windows have become one of our specialties.  We can show customers different types of colors and décor’ that encompass cellular blinds and or shades.  Mounting by our professionals will give even the most difficult fitting window it’s best look.  A cellular shade with a honeycomb design makes it easy to fix a problem fitting window and give the durability needed. We showcase our different designs and are ready to fit even the most difficult of windows, and ensure your window gives its best look. As window treatment professionals we have encountered most of what makes a window belong to the category of specialty in hard to fit windows.  We help our customers avoid an expensive headache and learn why the point of the window meeting the ceiling seems at a slight angle for example. We want to make sure every customer is satisfied with our products and work that includes handling the good windows and those that seem bad.

Custom Fabrics Drapes And Curtains

custom fabrics drapes and curtains

When it comes time for custom fabrics/drapes and curtains a customer is not shown to a bar stool and then given a dusty catalog anymore.  As our tastes have refined over the years, so have our choices for customizing as well. Draperies have different styles, shapes, and fabrics but all show a contoured’ quality.  Customers are also given lining options to ensure peak benefit.  Some collections have exclusive hardware choices to enhance the beauty of the fabric, styles and shapes.  Woven woods are also a favorite fabric with modern living in its design; this will include the finest materials, and their own custom crafting. When choosing custom fabrics/drapes and curtains, customers need the care of professionals to consider all factors that make up their life.  This knowledge can ensure enjoyment for their specific décor’ or for the already flowing theme. The designers work hard in order to make their custom fabrics/drapes and curtains the best. This type of competition is beneficial to our customers and allows us to have better choices available. Custom fabrics/drapes and curtains enhance the quality of a home.  Each fabric/drapes or curtains are made to specifically fit a window and give a home an advantage with better lines and neater trends.

Cleaning And Repair

cleaning and repair

You put so much time and effort into choosing your window treatments. Then you find that keeping them in the original pristine condition that they came can be difficult. In this event, contacting customer service becomes vital because you don’t want to ruin them by performing the maintenance yourself. Fortunately, the cleaning and repair of window treatments does not vary as much as the window treatments themselves.  If you choose a designer fabric, purchasing additional fabric upfront can save you money in the long run. You’ll have the necessary material already and will only have to pay a professional from our service provider to handle it and install it. Having less costly window treatments from the beginning will save you money. However they are still prone to damage and need to have a scheduled cleaning and repair schedule as well to avoid replacing them altogether in the future. Your window treatments are an investment in your home and should be treated as such.  These investments require the attention of our professionals and our service provider.  Applying cheaper DIY methods may in the end cost you more money if it is not done correctly as you’ll then have to call a professional to maintain and fix your mistakes. By using one of our providers, cleaning and repairing services on a regular basis will keep your window treatments at their best. They will last longer and maintain their beauty.  Overall using the services offered will save you frustration, time and money.

We sell all Major window fashion brand names

major window fashion brand names

Many of us purchase items with brand names because we can count on the quality and designs we love.  Many of us will rush to a store when one of our favorite designers is unveiling something new. We get excited and don’t want to miss what is offered. However, when one thinks of brand names most think of clothing.  Not anymore, we sell all major fashion brand names in window design. Identifying our customer tastes may depend on studying all of the designs available.  Each brand name will show their different style choices from each of their product lines.  Offering all of the brand names gives us an edge and sets us apart from all the other window treatment companies and will ensure our customers have every option to choose from. We sell all major window fashion brand names to show our customers that we want to help you find your own unique taste with a commitment to service.   We sell all major window fashion brand names because not all fashionable treatments are alike. Naturally, not finding a perfect style can be a frustrating experience so our professionals are ready to serve your needs with the brand names you love.

Window Treatments Motorization

window treatments motorization

Window treatments motorization in New York is a convenience some have been waiting for.  Along with convenience, there are other important considerations, enhancement in safety and greater energy efficiency.  Knowing that a loved one is safer around window treatments or enjoying savings.  Whichever the issue, there are different systems to choose for your needs. The type of window treatments motorization to purchase depends upon the window coverings you already own or will purchase.  One system may raise and lower a treatment while others are made to tilt slats by varying degrees and another may move your coverings from side to side. Using a remote control, you only need to point at the satellite eye and then press the needed buttons. You can do groups of window coverings even if they are not in the same room, whether you use a remote control or a hard-wire system. If you choose a hard-wire system as your controller, your coverings move in the same ways as with a remote, but this controller is a stylized wall unit. To use your window treatment motorization system wall unit, you move to the location of your controller and press the buttons as needed. We hope our customers enjoy their motorized systems and know we will continue to have all the up to date choices in the future.