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Ideas for Children’s Window Treatments

Posted on  |  2015-03-20

Anything you use in a child’s room should be considered safe. Sometimes, using blinds is not the best idea because they seem to be a great climbing tool for little ones. There are safety devices you can add to blinds to prevent this, but creating a puzzle for them to figure out doesn’t solve the problem.

Instead, choose something that will let them have a lot of light and privacy at the same time. This might be a combination of window tint and fun curtain material. As they grow, it’s easy to change the curtain into whatever their favorite theme is. Then they feel like they have a choice in the decorating style of their room, and you are still protecting them from prying eyes.

Cost might also be a factor and it’s easy to sew your own curtains if you wish. Take your child to a material store and let them choose a design. If you work on this together, it gives them a chance to have more input. By sewing them yourself, you can also save a lot of money. Of course, time may not permit this activity, and you may need to find a great price on a pre-made set.

Just keep in mind that fun and functionality is the order of the day. The window treatments should be safe and easy to use, as well as age appropriate. The more engaged and comfortable they feel in their room, the more likely it is they will keep it cleaned up too.

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