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How to Measure Windows for Window Treatments

Posted on  |  2015-03-20

Measuring before you order window treatments is very important, but sometimes clients are unaware of how to do this. It’s quite simple; just be sure to double check all your figures before you submit them.

The first section you need to measure is the length and width of the window inside the window casing. This means from the inside of the frame to the inside of the frame. Make sure your tape measure is level and not stuck on any unlevel edges, otherwise, you may come up with two different numbers to compare.

The next section that should be measured carefully is the length and width from the outer edges of the casing. Again, make sure the measure is not hung up on anything besides the frame. By getting these numbers together, it will help a professional make recommendations for you on either drapes or blinds.

Finally, measure six inches above the window all the way to the floor. This will tell you what length of curtains to order, no matter what the material is. Also, account for any tiebacks you will be using, if this is going to affect the curtain length.

Make sure you let the window treatment professional know how far beyond the window you’d like the curtains to extend. This will help you choose a curtain rod length that looks good as well. Usually, the preferred length is two to three inches on either side of the window to fully cover all the open space.

If you follow these recommendations, then your window treatments will fit perfectly.

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